Brother: it's funny, really unbearable - a person who is always ready to help you. 

The best friend forever!


And when listening to the young Folk - Pop trio's music, you really can feel this philosophy! The band consists of the two brothers Manu and Mario plus their good friend Chris, connected like a true family.


They came up with their first EP "One Word" in 2016. Brothers define their sound through harmonies and a storytelling which truly comes from the heart. The topic of their songs, highly inspired by the experiences they made in life, are just something everyone can relate to.


"When you step into my paw prints..."

In 2017 the trio followed up "One Word" with their second EP "Paw Prints".



The trademark of the three guys are catchy tunes - beautiful three part harmonies - a generous helping of love for music - and heart warming lyrics.


Brothers are currently working on their third EP which will be called "Paperplane" and is planned to come out this summer. They already released two singles "Fool Me" and "Into you arms" in February, as a foretaste for what is about two come. "Fool Me" has a true dance beat that's got you feeling like it's Saturday night, while "Into you arms" presents an upbeat, thumping folk anthem about the longing for fall in love again.


"...I will take care from above."

When performing live the three guys work with a loop station, foot percussion, two guitars, one Keyboard - good vibes, mischievous humour and honest messages to their audiences.